Many myths about LASIK eye surgery have surfaced over the last 20 years. There are so many common misconceptions associated with Lasik surgery that it is hard to make a healthy decision. Dr. Joseph Dello Russo, the “Godfather of LASIK” addresses a few of them so you have a better understanding of what to expect.

Myth 1. Lasik surgery is permanent.

Dr. Joseph Dello Russo: “Nothing in life is guaranteed or permanent. And this applies to eye surgery as well. There is a high chance that the results of your Lasik surgery may last the rest of your life, but this is not always the case. A certain percentage of patients will need a “touch-up” in the future, which only requires a couple of seconds of lasering. A slight blurriness is possible in the future if your eye changes as you age. However, the exact acuity and results you experience in the first few years can lessen over time. This is due in part to the natural aging process.

Myth 2. LASIK surgery will give you 20/20 vision.

Dr. Joseph Dello Russo: “This depends on the person. No doubt, Lasik eye surgery performed correctly will significantly increase your vision and will absolutely reduce your dependence on contacts or glasses. Most of our LASIK patients in New York and New Jersey attain 20/20 vision or better. However, results are dependent on the conditions of each individual patient.

Myth 3. LASIK surgery will correct presbyopia.

Dr. Joseph Dello Russo: “Presbyopia occurs with age. Older adults often experience trouble reading or focusing on close objects. This is due to the hardening of the lens, which is not something regular LASIK surgery can target. At Dello Russo Laser Vision many older patients are effectively treated with Bifocal LASIK procedure. This eliminates need for reading glasses. Call us at 201-384-7333 and we will explain how this works.

Myth 4. You can only have LASIK once in your life.

Dr. Joseph Dello Russo: “Lasik surgery can be done more than once. Many patients come to Dello Russo LASIK Centers in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island and Bergenfield, NJ to have us correct and improve an initial procedure they are dissatisfied with.

Myth 5. Everyone is a candidate for LASIK.

Dr. Joseph Dello Russo: “Some patients don’t qualify for LASIK eye surgery. Age, poor health problems, eye diseases, thin or irregular cornea may increase risks of poor outcomes. For more information please call our office at (201) 384-7333 or click here.

If you have further questions about something you heard or would like to find out more about Lasik, ask our experts Drs. Joseph and Jeff Dello Russo when you come in for a free evaluation & consultation.