Are You a Candidate for an Eye Laser Surgery? What You Should Know Before You Do This Procedure.

0T7A2870The majority of people suffering from vision problems are candidates for the LASIK procedure. During your free consultation at our New Jersey & New York offices, Drs. Jeffrey and Joseph Dello Russo will personally perform a long, detailed eye exam to fully analyze your vision conditions. The eye test will better determine the type of vision correction that you need.

If you would like to get an idea as to whether you will be a candidate, we created a questionnaire that will let us give you an initial answer by email/phone – take a quick test to see if you are a candidate for an eye laser surgery.

In general, candidates for LASIK at Dello Russo LaserVision should:

• Be at least eighteen years of age. Read more on LASIK and age here.
• Meet FDA approved guidelines for nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism
• Have healthy eyes
• Have cornea’s with sufficient thickness to allow for the procedure
• Have no major eye diseases
• Have realistic expectations of the procedure and its outcomes. It is important that candidates are both emotionally and physically stable
• Have no recent history of herpes infections of the eyes

Also be willing to accept the potential risks and side effects of LASIK surgery. As with any surgical procedure, there are some side effects may occur. Although the risks attached to all-laser LASIK procedures performed in 2013 are rare, complications can occur either during the procedure or afterwards. Click here to read the most common risks associated with LASIK surgery.

Candidates should not:

• Suffer from severely dry eyes. Read facts about dry eye and lasik surgery here.
• Have active eye infections or inflammations
• Be pregnant
• Have corneal disease or scarring
• Have pupils larger than 8.5mm in the dark

So, what’s holding you back from doing a LASIK surgery?

Girl rubbing dry eyesWeather you are a candidate for LASIK or not, its important to take care of your eye health. You need a comprehensive care for the eyes, because there are a number of factors that hinder the preservation of their normal health.

• The first factor is a poor diet. It is important to remember that a poor diet can have negative effects on your eyes health. The tiny capillaries of the eye can become clogged. At the same time the pressure is increased and this can lead to cramps, reduced vigilance and other unpleasant consequences. To clean up the blood vessels, you should move on to more useful products, like as eyeliner produced from coal. It will not only make your eyes look more dramatic, but will also have an effective impact on your health.

• The second factor is the lack of sunlight. Although too much can be bad, too little can also have a negative effect. During the winter the sun is out for a shorter time, and in the summer we put on sunglasses. Also, working indoors at an office all day keeps you away from the sun. Because of this our pupils become less bright or even dull. By taking off your sunglasses and letting your eyes get some light, you’ll soon notice that the color of your pupils change. In the wintertime you can buy green or gray eyeliner to highlight the depth and make them more visually appealing.

• The third problem is the lack of nutrients, which leads to loss of eyelashes, eyebrows, and the loss of the bright color in your eyes. Antimony contains oils that have nourishing effects. Try using antimony to help strengthen the roots of your eyelashes and eyebrows.

• The fourth factor is stress and depression, which causes an increase of pressure in the blood vessels. Often, psychological stress leads to loss of vision, so the sight must be protected. In the fight against stress you should relax and take up a new hobby or sport to take your mind off of it.

• The fifth problem is long, stressful hours at work and also at home. Watching TV, working at a computer, and creating highly accurate sketches can cause your eyes to become very stressed. When they get tired, the outlines of objects appear blurred. To help alleviate this, try resting your eyes by closing them for a bit or use eye drops to keep them moisturized.

• The sixth factor is dust. Particles, big or small, can irritate the cornea. As a result, your eyes may become red and feel sandy. To get rid of particles in your eyes, you may want to splash them with cold water, and then rest them for a bit to soothe them.
The seventh problem is makeup with certain chemical components. Their main drawback is the negative effect on your skin, blood vessels, eyebrows, and eyelashes. Try using cosmetics with antimony in the ingredients.

If you have any questions regarding eye care or the LASIK procedure please feel free to call us at 1800-EYE-CARE or simply walk into one of our four offices in New York or New Jersey.