Valentine’s Day is the symbolic day that people express their love and affection for one another.  Whether you are married, single, in a serious relationship, or have just met a special someone, that fondness may be expressed through gifts. Sure, you could go the flowers and chocolate route this Valentine’s Day. But why not try something a little more meaningful? Something that he/she can use forever! Give your partner a gift of vision, laser vision correction! Trust us, he/she will thank you forever.

Here is why LASIK is an excellent gift for St. Valentine’s Day!

  • Better Vision: The most obvious reason for getting LASIK is to be able to see better. Did you know eye surgery can actually help your partner achieve 20/20 vision, and in some cases better than 20/20 vision? LASIK simply works.  Whether she/he has blurred vision caused by nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, LASIK can correct this by using a laser to reshape your cornea allowing you to improve your vision. But it is extremely important to see if your partner is a candidate for eye surgery. Read more here.
  • Higher Self-Esteem: If she/he has ever felt self-conscious because of the glasses, he/she is not alone. Chances are your partner has felt uncomfortable in glasses at one time or another. Especially during the Fall allergy season.  A majority of our patients share these feelings with us as one of the reasons why they want to have LASIK.
  • More Freedom: After LASIK, your partner will be able to see clearly and will no longer have to remember the glasses, reach for them when he/she needs to read something, remember to pack the contact solution for a trip, or even remember to take the contacts out at night. This freedom can be more liberating than you’d imagine and she/he will have time to focus on what really matters – you.
  • Be More Active: Trying to be active with glasses and even contacts can be a huge inconvenience and very frustrating. Glasses are often in the way and contacts can become irritated or even lost while playing sports. With LASIK, your partner no longer has to worry about this and both of you can enjoy the activities you love without the inconvenience of glasses or contacts.
  • Save Money: While LASIK seem expensive at first, it may actually save money in the long run. Eye Surgery is a smart financial decision. Throughout the years, glasses, contacts, and eye exams can add up and quickly cost more than the LASIK procedure itself. On average, LASIK will pay for itself in about 7 years. Plus, there are several financial options available to help you pay for your LASIK so that it is more affordable.
  • Contacts Are Simply Dangerous 

Although there are endless ways to show your beloved how much you care, the gift of sight will be appreciated for many years to come. Don’t leave your favorite someone without love and appreciation because your quickie gift or last minute plan was not well thought-out. Help them see all colors of Valentine’s Day passionate red more clearly with the gift of LASIK at Dello Russo Laser Vision.