Common Vision Problem: Dry Eyes

eye-1132531_960_720Eye afflictions are becoming a more common and frequent health issue within big cities. Dry eye syndrome, infectious and allergic diseases, inflammation, and even parasites are some of the typical eye ailments within a big city. In addition, we also spend a lot of our time staring at computer monitors and TV screens for long durations, putting strain on our eyes.

Sensing Dry Eye

A very common eye ailment that many people residing in large cities endure (especially office workers) is dry eye syndrome. Read about the drye ye treatment here. Dry eye syndromes include symptoms such as unobtrusive burning, dryness and a feeling of sand or tingling in the eyes, a change in visual acuity, and severe redness of the eyes.

Dry eye syndromes are particularly amplified when you are in a room or car with an air conditioner running. Airconditioned rooms are colder, and contain less humidity than the average room, along with little or no ventilation. The lack of humidity can dry out the natural lubricants protecting your eyes from airborne irritants and infections, leading to dry eyes and irritation. Over long periods of time, your body’s natural tear film and tear production can become altered.

A method of counteracting dry eyes is by using artificial tears, a special type of eye drops specifically engineered to imitate natural tears. However not all types of drops are suitable for treating dry eye syndrome, for example helium-based products may further aggravate dry eyes resulting in cloudy or blurry vision. Dr. Joseph Dello Russo advises to use lubricating drops which not only provide relief, but also contains ingredients which will stimulate healing of the eyes.

Parched membranes of the eyes can be treated by using a humidifier to increase the moisture level in a room or with applications of an extract of Aloe Vera leaves (used externally as a lotion).

Is there a change in diet than can improve my dry eyes?

Omega-3 Fatty Acids are great for your overall eye health, and the hydration of your eyes.  You could always take a supplement, but Omega-3 Fatty acids are found naturally in oily fish and flax seeds.  Find an eye healthy recipe to add to your diet and see your eye health improve.

We hope these FAQs help you avoid dry eyes. If you keep experiencing symptoms of dry eyes, it is important that you set up a time to come to our office and let our doctors examine and recommend an appropriate dry eye treatment so you can once again experience normal, comfortable vision.

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Vision Vitamin

According to Dr. Dello Russo dry eyes can be caused by vitamin deficiency. The lack of vitamins A and B can be a cause of vision degeneration. In our bodies, vitamin A is responsible for night vision, eye lubrication and the generation of pigments necessary for correct retina function, which is why vitamin A is sometimes referred to as Retinol. Carrots are a great source of vitamin A, along with Carotene another essential nutrient necessary for eye health. Vitamin A can be found in foods such as apricots, almonds, spinach, eggplant, beets, green onions, red peppers, tangerines, butter, ands and fish. Carotene is present in carrots, pumpkins, lettuce and sorrel. Vitamin B’s are essential for maintaining your nervous system. Vitamin B can be found most abundantly in beans, nuts and whole grain products.

Wash your hands often. Especially when you travel. Read more travel eye health tips here.

This rule is advised in order to increase prevention of eye diseases. Presently people are greatly concerned about infectious eye diseases and bacterial diseases. An example would be conjunctivitis, which is a consequence of an infection. The infection of the edges of the eyelids, which include symptoms of redness, burning, and itching of the eyelids is called blepharitis.

Even if you believe that your eye issues are minor and may and probably will go away, please do not treat them as a very minor trifling issue. Instead schedule an appointment to your regular ophthalmologist, because small minor issues left untreated may lead to chronic problems. Call us at 1800EYECARE if you have any questions regarding your eye problems.