Dr. Jeffrey Dello Russo and Dello Russo Laser Vision, a leading LASIK practice on the East Coast, are making headlines for restoring vision to a man suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease. The condition was progressing to the point where the patient found it extremely difficult to handle his contact lenses.

There is no simple cure for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease. It is a progressive neurodegenerative disease, which affects the nerve cells in the brain. It is often characterized by muscle spasms and rapid weakness, due to muscle atrophy. As it progresses Common symptoms may include an inability to speak, swallow, breathe or button a shirt.

This is not the first time Drs. Joseph and Jeffrey Dello Russo have helped those in need. Dello Russo Laser Vision is proud to help people struggling with physical challenges, due to impaired vision  In the past, Drs. Joseph and Jeffrey Dello Russo helped two patients, suffering from disabling quadriplegia, restore their vision. Repairing eyesight, something so many of us take for granted, is never lost on Dr. Dello Russo.

“We are particularly gratified to get a chance to make the life of our patient Patrick Quinn easier by eliminating his struggle with contacts, which has become extremely hard for him to deal with on a daily basis.”

While the road ahead may be difficult for ALS sufferers, in the case of Patrick Quinn, also one of Dr. Dello Russo’s patients, the internal fight is strong.

Quinn says he’ll never forget the day he was diagnosed, however, he vows to remain positive. An active ALS advocate and founder of the non-profit organization, “Quinn for the Win,” he says he’s ready for an uphill battle and refuses to let his diagnosis define him.

About Dello Russo Laser Vision
For 22 years, Dello Russo Laser Vision has been the most popular LASIK practice on the East Coast, with about 150,000 LASIK procedures to date, all performed personally by Drs. Joseph & Jeffrey Dello Russo. Their vast experience, coupled by investments in the latest technologies, allow Drs. Dello Russo to offer personally customized, pain-free, and effective vision correction to patients in the New York & North Jersey areas. They have led the way for other surgeons nationally and internationally in the evolution and improvement of LASIK surgery. Their numerous radio, television, and newspaper appearances as well as the hundreds of eye surgeons they have trained and educated about LASIK over the past 22 years speak volumes about their unique experience.

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