As an athlete, the health and preservation of your body is always on your mind. Regardless of what sport you play, it is important to always consider eye protection. So much can damage the eyes, from the sun’s UV rays to the dirt and debris that linger in the air. For this reason, your eyes are always prone to injury and should be treated as such. Observe these safety tips in training and in play to keep your eyes in optimal condition.

  • Anytime we step outside, our eyes are exposed to ultra-violet rays, which can cause serious, if not permanent, damage. Athletes (particularly those who take part in summer sports) should wear sunglasses during any prolonged exposure to the sun. Too much exposure to UV rays can put you at a higher risk of getting cataracts or macular degeneration. Your eyes can also be injured due to strain caused by bright sunlight, but you can find sunglasses that have a prescription built in.
  • Protective gear should be worn at all times when participating in any contact sport. This includes goggles, safety glasses, or face shields. For extreme sports, you can find specific goggles designed to make it easy for your eyes to see the path ahead of you, regardless of what you encounter during play. These goggles are designed with special ventilation so that they don’t fog up, and come equipped with a comfortable, flexible headband that can be adjusted to fit snuggly. For swimmers, water resistant goggles should be worn. Note that if swimming involves being underwater for prolonged periods of time, the goggles will require a tighter fitting to ensure protection.

Millions of eye injuries occur every year, but almost 90% of them are preventable. Visit your eye doctor regularly to keep up with your prescription glasses or contacts, and help to reduce the risk of an eye injury with ocular protection gear.

Dr. Dello Russo of Dello Russo LaserVision, a leading LASIK practice on the East Coast, performed LASIK surgery on former New York Giants guard Chris Snee providing him with 20/20 vision.

Chris Snee played his entire 10 year NFL career for the New York Giants where he was a 4 time pro bowler and played an integral role in winning two Super Bowls (SB XLII and SB XLVI). In October of 2015 the New York Giants inducted Chris into their Ring of Honor.

Please watch the video, where Chris Snee is having the LASIK surgery with Dr. Dello Russo.