CareCredit® is a credit card especially for healthcare, making it possible for our LASIK patients to afford services that may be too expensive for them in one lump sum. CareCredit gives you flexibility and convenience when managing your family’s out-of-pocket healthcare expenses. It’s easy to apply and you’ll receive an answer almost immediately. If you are approved, you can start using your CareCredit** even before you get your card. That’s the whole idea – to help you get the vision care and products you want, without delaying.


Apply for credit online at or call 1-800-365-8295
for an immediate credit inquiry (24-hour service)**.

** Subject to credit approval. Mimimum Monthly Payments Required. See provider for details.

But good news is that there is now a form of loan that will allow you to borrow money even if you have the said situations. This type of loan is called a unsecured loan which is a short term loan that will give you the extra cash that you need quickly. Once your loan is approved, you can expect for the loaned money to be transferred to your account in as fast as 24 hours. A fast loan approval is highly important for the borrowers of loan because usually the extra money that they need is for emergency situations such as for medical bills, to pay for rent or other mortgage with a strict deadline, to pay for tuition or other bills and the like.

If you need emergency funds, borrowing can be the best option, but you must be prepared to pay on time as well. Otherwise, you can be caught in a bigger financial mess if you fail to pay on your deadline. Lender first started in the United Kingdom and later on has also become very popular in the UK because even if this kind of loan has the highest interest rate among all the other types of loans, people can get cash fast. This is very ideal for those who have a strict deadline to pay or for those who have unexpected bills because of an emergency.

The process is not as complicated as when you apply for a bank loan and the requirements are much simpler. This kind of loan can also be made available even for those with a bad credit score. The common types of people who borrow money through a payday loan are those who have low to mid incomes, the single parents, the migrants and those who do not have a credit card. Payday loan is also one of the most convenient ways to borrow money because the application can even be made online. When your loan application is approved, you only need to wait for about 1 to 2 days to get your loaned money, which you only need to withdraw from your bank account.