What is more important when choosing a LASIK center: an experienced LASIK surgeon; the new technology or the price?

You decided to do an eye surgery and you have been searching the internet for the best LASIK center in and around New York City. You see a variety of ads for eye surgery centers. Here is what you need to know.

16472833_1042330645872725_6768731607685180386_nFirst, lets talk about an experienced LASIK surgeon VS the newest technology.

Eye surgery is a service, not a product that you can hold in your hands like a chocolate bar. Again, it is a service and will only be as good as the experience of the surgeon and his use of the most advanced tools (bladeless lasik).
Dr. Joseph Dello Russo: ” Till these days I am about the most experienced lasik surgeon in this region and I use only the most advanced tools (no-blade lasik). A doctor with limited experience may not know how to protect you like an experienced surgeon would.”

The other ingredient that maximizes the results of LASIK is the quality of the technology being used by an experienced surgeon. Dr. Joseph Dello Russo: “Over these past thirty years I have owned every laser sold in the U.S.A. Each new laser offered an improvement over the previous one. Some proved to be disappointing, but most were advancements. Unfortunately, with each new laser comes a bill of about $450,000. Incredible, isn’t it? You bet, but I always wanted the best for my patients despite the cost. Also whenever the surgeon uses the laser on an eye, the company that made the laser still charges the doctor for a “user fee”. Is that a surprise? You betcha! There are very few occasions for a surgeon to cut corners safely and to maintain quality lasik, so there is no “cheap” quality lasik.

There are thousands of LASIK surgeons in the U.S. Only a very small number of surgeons are financially successful enough to be able to afford buying every new and improved laser innovation. Therefore, most surgeons use “old”technology and old lasers.

Now lets talk about LASIK costs.

You might be wondering why some centers charge $299 for an eye surgery and some charge $5000. WHY IS SUCH DIFFERENCE IN PRICE?

If LASIK is done well on a good candidate, LASIK is safer than wearing contacts. There are two important ingredients in maximizing your chances for success – experience and technology. And that’s what you should be paying for!

Do you truly believe an experienced surgeon with the newest technology will charge you $299 per surgery??? How can they make any money? Maybe they can if they are offering a cheap laser surgery – PRK.

The higher priced doctors do indeed have higher costs they incur in order to offer the safest LASIK as well as greater experience.

You need to take a few things into consideration. In addition to the office and salaries for highly paid LASIK technicians, there is the cost of paying off the newest laser technologies and then a royalty fee for each eye treated. This means that the cheap LASIK surgeon is cutting the corners any of the above expenses.

Now let’s return to the experience of the surgeon into whose hands you are placing your eyes. You want to do LASIK right? If you think that another doctor is better, but you don’t have the money right now, maybe you should not do it now with a center who may be cutting corners.

Save up your money for the doctor whom you feel most comfortable with. Or simply apply for a financing plan. Every LASIK surgery center will be happy to guide you through the application process or do it for you.

Remember: well-done LASIK on a good candidate can be a very safe LASIK. If you are having surgery with a surgeon whose fee is quite low, will you go blind? Probably not, but you cannot have the same assurance as with an experienced surgeon.