Everyday we see dozens of patients for their initial LASIK consultation. In this blog we would like to share some of the questions and answers that are not typically covered under FAQs on popular health websites.


Q: Why might someone choose PRK over LASIK (and vice versa)?

A: No-blade LASIK is the most advanced laser surgery. If a person does not qualify for LASIK then they may consider PRK.

Q: Will my vision fluctuate after eye surgery? How long is the healing period?

A: Of course you can expect some fluctuation of vision while healing. Certain factors may be the cause, mostly dryness.

Q: What should I expect my vision to be like for the first few weeks after surgery?

A: Depending on a number of factors, our patients usually see 20/20 the next morning. Based on our statistics we expect our patients to see better than that in a couple of days, like 20/15.

Q: Is refractive surgery covered by insurance?

A:  Laser surgery is cosmetic and is not covered by insurance.

Q: Will you perform a contrast sensitivity test before and after the surgery? Will you perform a glare sensitivity test before and after the surgery?

A: In the very early days, in the evolution of laser eye surgery, some patients complained of trouble seeing street signs at night, glare while driving at night, star bursts, haloes, etc. As the technology quickly improved, these complaints were eliminated except when due temporarily to dryness, or due to poor surgery.

Q: What percentage of patients do you decline for LASIK?

A: In general not all people can have LASIK for many reasons. In our practice about fifteen percent of patients don’t qualify for LASIK. Please call us at 1800-EYECARE to schedule a COMPLIMENTARY LASIK consultation to see if you are a candidate for LASIK. Or submit a form for a free consultation on our website

Q: What are enhancements (touch-ups) if I have non-satisfactory LASIK results?

A: People may want an enhancement or retreatment if their vision changes, usually about one in one hundred.

Q: Can I get water in my eyes after LASIK surgery?

A: You can get water in your eyes the next day, but we ask you not to rub your eyes for two weeks. No swimming in ocean or pool for one month.

Q: If an enhancement surgery is required, what will you charge for the additional procedure?

A: The likelihood of needing a second LASIK will be discussed directly between you and the surgeon on your free seminar. You will be told what the likelihood is based on our surgeons 30 years of outcomes on some 160,000 surgeries. If appropriate a warranty may be purchased.

Please never hesitate to call us at 1800EYECARE if you have any questions about LASIK procedure. For more LASIK FAQs please click here.