New Jersey Eye Center & Dello Russo LaserVision Centers

The Dello Russo family created the New Jersey Eye Center (NJEC) in the 1970s, the first eye care center in the state which provided all eye-related services with emphasis on cataract surgery. It was also recognized as the first cataract ambulatory in-office center in the Northeast.

In 1990, in the same New Jersey facility, a new center was created and has been solely devoted to laser eye correction surgery, the Dello Russo LaserVision center, adding three affiliates over the next few years.

Dello Russo’s centers offer an experience unlike any other. Patients enjoy vision correction in the care of Joseph Dello Russo, M.D. and his sons, Jeff Dello Russo, M.D. and James Dello Russo, M.D. Now with locations in Manhattan, Long Island, Brooklyn, and Bergenfield, NJ, Dello Russo LaserVision centers integrate a unique combination of unrivaled experience and the most advanced technology, which is not matched by any other laser center that you may come across.

Joseph Dello Russo, M.D. and Jeff Dello Russo, M.D.

Joseph Dello Russo, M.D. is the area’s most experienced laser eye surgeon, having performed almost 150,000 procedures over the past twenty-two years since he helped to introduce laser surgery. No other surgeon can come close to matching his experience and history. Not only did he buy the first laser for vision correction in the world, Dr. Joseph Dello Russo pioneered the development and approval of the excimer laser in the United States and participated in the clinical trials conducted by the Food and Drug Administration. He has also been a leader in introducing all of the laser surgery innovations for the past 22 years, such as custom LASIK and no-blade LASIK.

Joseph Dello Russo, M.D. was the first to offer a couple of important LASIK advances: the No-Blade and the Wavefront Custom Cornea. The No-Blade method is a precise all-laser LASIK system that further helps to avoid common complications associated with the traditional blade LASIK. Wavefront Custom Cornea allows Joseph Dello Russo, M.D. and Jeff Dello Russo, M.D. to enhance vision for patients outside the standard LASIK treatment range. In addition, the Wavefront system provides greater quality of vision and reduces night vision problems significantly. Joseph Dello Russo, M.D. and Jeff Dello Russo, M.D. have performed more No Blade and Wavefront Custom Cornea procedures than any other surgeon in the Northeast.

In addition to providing the highest quality medical care at NJEC, both NJEC and Dello Russo LaserVision emphasize and focus their attention at providing the highest level of customer service. Unlike other practices, Drs. Joseph and Jeff Dello Russo personally screen each patient during their initial consultation. Their skilled team consists of a number of laser-certified nurses and technicians, and they perform surgeries six days a week.

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Dello Russo LaserVision and particularly Joseph Dello Russo, M.D. and Jeff Dello Russo, M.D. have been enhancing vision and improving lives for years. Their commitment to exceptional service and superior results make them leaders in the field of laser vision correction. Contact Dello Russo LaserVision today for a complimentary consultation – call 800-393-2273 now!